JCI World Congress
Pure Magic!

4-8th of November 2019

Tallinn, ESTONIA

Registration is open!

Let the Pure Magic begin.

What if we
met in Estonia

In Estonia, clean and untouched nature co-exists with the world’s most digitally advanced society. It is a place for independent minds where bright ideas meet a can-do spirit.

Six things to know about Estonia:
1. The contrasts – we have ancient history and high-tech, Eastern hospitality and Northern conservativeness, a liberal economic environment and pristine nature.

2. It takes just 3 hours to start a company and 3 minutes to file personal taxes. We like to make things easy!

3. In Estonia, Internet access is a human right, not just a privilege. Only 3 things can’t be done digitally – selling property, marriage, divorce. Yet!

4. The vast areas of unspoiled wilderness make Estonia a fantastic destination for nature lovers. Estonia ranks 4th for urban air quality in the world according to WHO.

5. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a compact city with everything you need close by. 10 minutes from the airport to the city center and not more than 40 minutes to find yourself from the deepest forest!

6. Last but not least – we know our magic! Come and experience yourself!

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