Visit Estonishing Estonia

Our vloggers Tiina & Romet are here to bring Estonia closer to you. They are exploring Estonia from very different angles and take you to the journey with them. Together you will go for a walk in the pure wilderness, experience real Estonian sauna, discover the charming Tallinn Old Town, get to know the most successful Estonian companies and this is not all by far! Check the videos here and follow us in social media to be sure to know when the next one comes out!

Estonishing Estonia episode 1 


In the first episode Tiina and Romet share with you what this Vlog is all about and what you can expect from the vlog series in the upcoming months. The first vlog is filmed in the coziEST airport – Tallinn Airport. To find out more, click on the video!

Estonishing Estonia episode 2 

Have you ever seen a place so beautiful and magical? Do you know what is a bog? Water of the bog is so clear and healing that it is almost impossible not to swim in it! In the second episode Tiina and Romet are visiting magical and unique Estonian nature. Click on the video and join their journey!

Estonishing Estonia episode 3 

So, you have arrived to Tallinn and want to see something you have never seen before? Tallinn Old Town offers you truly unique architecture, markets and views you will never forget! Join Romet and Tiina for a walk in the Old Town and see it for yourself!

Estonishing Estonia episode 4 

Do Estonians have any traditions? YES we do! Ever heard of a word SAUNA? For some people it might seem a little crazy idea to go and sit in a hot little room and beat yourself with tender birch twigs. But honestly saying, there are lots of benefits doing so! Romet and Tiina will show you how its done Estonian way! Just Estonishing!

Estonishing Estonia episode 5

Being a digital nation and one of the most innovative countries in the world, internet and doing things digitally is a human right in Estonia. So of course you can vote for elections online, start a company online or do your taxes. It is super easy, saves you lots of time and is of course sustainable!

Estonishing Estonia episode 6

Here’s one more exciting reason to visit Estonia – our cuisine! We love to eat well and we have many colorful places where to do that. In this episode Tiina and Romet meet with Tõnis Siigur, the head chef of one of the best Estonian restaurants Restoran Noa. Check out what are the things you just must try when in Estonia!

Estonishing Estonia episode 7

Shopping in Estonia? Oh yes, you better take a big suitcase with you! In this episode of “Estonishing Estonia” Tiina and Romet will introduce the Telliskivi Creative City – a perfect place for shopping Estonian design or just taking a drink with friends.

Estonishing Estonia episode 8

In last episode we brought you to Telliskivi, the Estonian design hub. As one of the main Congress focuses is sustainability, we chose a special Estonian designer for you to meet with – Reet Aus. She is the leader of upcycling production in Estonia and dedicated to slow, ethical design. Take a few minutes and you’ll find out what does upcycling mean and what it takes for the revolution in clothes production.

Estonishing Estonia episode 9

Do you know what is that one event that always brings together more than 100 000 Estonians? Literally 10% of our whole nation!

Check out the next Estonishing Estonia vlog episode and Tiina will show you! 

Estonishing Estonia episode 10

This time Romet stayed at home and Tiina took her girls on a road trip to one of the most beautiful Estonian islands called Vormsi. Check out how the Estonian summer life looks like!

Estonishing Estonia episode 11

Romet visited Cleveron, an Estonian technology company and a good partner of the World Congress. Cleveron is the innovation leader in retail click & collect pickup solution companies by developing intelligent parcel lockers and robots. Check out the vlog and come to the conference to see one of their robots with your own eyes!