We will make your dreams come true!

Imagine there is Pure Magic that transforms one of your dreams to life this year.

What would be this one dream you’d want to come to life?

Do you know that the dreams and resolutions that are written down are much more likely to become true?
Share your dream with us and we will make 3 people’s dreams* come true during JCI World Congress 2019 in Estonia. Estonia is a land of #PureMagic after all 😉

How to participate?


Register to JCI World Congress 2019 and share one of your magical dreams that you would love to come true this year on the registration form.


Pay for your ticket during the early bird time (until 28th of February 2019).


If you have already registered and written your dream on the registration form you are automatically included in the campaign. If you have registered, but did not share your dream on the registration form or you want to change it now, please do it here:

We will choose 3 winners from all campaign participants. The winners will be announced on 7th of March 2019.

* We are pure magic but we might not be pure almighty. We might not be able to make world peace happen just now but we’ll do our best to fulfill one of your more reachable dreams. But don’t worry, Pure Magic is everywhere around us, so if you say your dream out loud, it will come true sooner or later anyway.

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